#KDISNOTNICE is deliberately a head scratcher. It's meant to be a conversation starter. He's the nicest guy in the NBA, but he's a terror on the court. We wanted to call attention to KD's game, but not take away from his nice guy persona. So we established the idea: He wasn't nice because he's dominating the league. Which in a very childish way, isn't nice. Did he have to win three scoring titles? Couldn't he have let someone new win? Which led us to the meme that there are nice things in the world, but KD isn't one of them. This meme led us to the idea that KD would dunk on anything and everybody, which started a whole new visual meme. We were able to adapt all the memes in real time, allowing for in game performances and topical events like holidays. Greenpeace even noticed that KD dunked on a baby seal and dared him to try that with a narwhal. Of course, KD was up for the challenge.
Writer: Nathaniel Friedman, various Nike Basketball writers, and the Internet
Art Director: Lee Jennings
Creative Directors: Guy Seese, Rob Thompson and Dan Hon
ECDs: Susan Hoffman and Mark Fitzloff
Studio Design: Tram Pham
Studio Manager: Patrick Cahalan
Account Execs: Jordan Muse. Shea Jackson, Jennifer Splillers
Project Management: Slyvia Gutierrez
More credits to come...
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