December 17, 2012

Everyone agrees that Kevin Durant is the nicest guy in the NBA. But while Kevin Durant the man is remarkably humble, quiet and likable, his on-court performances are merciless, astonishing and utterly dominant. No longer will KD’s off-court niceness overshadow the fact that his on-court game is anything but. KD is not nice.
This campaign was launched as a guerilla marketing effort in KD's hometown, Oklahoma City. One night, five billboards, three projections, several street teams and 5,000 t-shirts and posters hit the city. This town loves Kevin Durant and we let them start the conversation.
See also: KD IS NOT NICE: WHO IS KD? and  #KDISNOTNICE: the meme in my portfolio.
Copywriter: Nathaniel Friedman w/Josh Nelson
Art Director: Lee Jennings
Creative Directors: Guy Seese, Rob Thompson
ECDs: Susan Hoffman, Mark Fitzloff
Acount Team: Catherine Wolpe, Jordan Muse, Shea Jackson
Client Contact: Steve Henderson
Street Photography: Rob Lewis (Thanks Rob!)
Studio Manager: Patrick Cahalan
Project Manager: Sylvia Gutierrez
Media: Josh Chang
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