adidas asked Sockeye to create a cinematic "museum piece" that would live on a massive 28-foot high video wall; the centerpiece of the new adidas NYC flagship store. 
The theme of the store was "Stadium" with an emphasis on high school athletics. 
Our idea was that the NYC Wall wasn't a "wall" after all, it was a "window" into high school.
Our team storyboarded over twenty scenarios that occurred "over, under and through" a high school athlete's life. With slow, dreamlike moves, we sought to illustrate the imagination of an athlete and how they might envision  themselves creating in their sport. 
Athletes themselves were shown sparingly, letting the graphic lines of halls, fields and courts create the story. 
Adidas - NYC Store Wall
Directed/DP - Kevin Fletcher
Agency/Production - Sockeye
Creative Director - Guy Seese
Art Director - Blakely Dadson
Animator - Francis Kmiecik 
Timelapse Photography - Ben Sellon
Agency Producer - Katie Reardon
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