Evian: L'original

Evian first came the to United States from France over 20 years ago. When it arrived, it created the bottled water category. Over the years, Evian slipped from the luxury brand to a commodity in a multitude of me-to water brands. The imagery that had catapulted Evian to success had been co-opted by the category, and there was no longer any room for sweaty hard-bodied athletes revitalizing themselves with bottle of water. Recreating an ownable visual vernacular and reclaiming it's heritage by becoming fashionable once again were the main goals of this campaign. Tagged, "L'original" Evian took back it's title as the original brand. The first campaign to launch featured ordinary situations made extraordinary with Evian -- like taking a bath, feeding a goldfish or ordering a water instead of a cocktail. This follow-up campaign took fantastic situations and made them ultra-fantastic. Angels make Evian clouds, Mermaids relax with Evian and an Eskimo creates an Evian ice palace to live in. Created for the United States, the campaign was so well received, it quickly went international.

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