Carlo Rossi Wines: Jug Simple Collection

Carlo Rossi is stranded in a culture that would be mortified to be seen with jug wine. Its user base is dying out, ithasn't advertised for 30 years, and every jug takes up the shelf-space of two bottles of higher-margin Yellowtail, who outspent our $100,000 by 160:1. So we brought back the Jug for a new generation, who could share our vision of making something truly iconic and delightful together - turning jugs into grass-roots events, in-store, online, un-paid placement, PR and a re-invigorated salesforce.

Jug Simple was a movement that celebrated Carlo Rossi’s iconic jug, encouraged a younger generation of drinkers to imagine what their empty jugs could be—and ultimately helped the brand find a new audience that could drive their growth.  
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